FireCat! The Legend of Amazon Sage©

Sage is a quirky girl who always loved wild animals, funny people, adventure and indigenous music. She still does.

What no one knows is that every night in her dreams, Sage

transforms into a woman of power and wisdom, called

Amazon Sage.

Unlimited by the confines of newtonian physics, she is fierce and full of compassion, traveling where ever she is needed to help relieve suffering in the world.

Only problem is,

Amazon Sage© only lives while Sage is dreaming.

Once Sage awakens, Amazon Sage © disappears. These blogs are written by Sage, telling what happens in this most secret life...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

“Real men do not rape women”

“Please tell me it isn’t so,” I hear myself whispering as Katie Couric announces that her colleague, Laura Logan was brutally assaulted in Tahrir Square, Egypt. I am instantly aware of how much I do not want to believe that a population of people who have just done something as courageous as winning their freedom could also inflict on this young woman something as horrendous as gang rape. Laura is a beautiful, professional woman, simply doing her job so I wonder, “Is this how these men celebrate?” I need to know how this could happen in the festivities following the announcement that President Mubarak was stepping down.
Amazon Sage heard my plea as I fell asleep and immediately transported me to a faraway place, to a week ago, where I witnessed the unimaginable. There, a young journalist and her crew are being accosted by men who apparently are not part of the earlier non violent demonstrations. These men are sinister looking, clearly more interested in pleasing their biological urges than in celebrating freedom. 
In an instant, Laura is overtaken, snatched from her protectors and surrounded by teeth, eyes, hot breath and hands. At once she is being hit, grabbed, and pulled in every way imaginable; her clothes made useless by the intensity of the onslaught. The closest visual I can describe is a sexual feeding frenzy by humans who more closely resemble sharks. Sadly, Laura’s vicious attack is reminiscent of what every woman, everywhere, knows in her bones; that there are men, wild boars, who rip apart the most loving, intelligent, and vulnerable among us.
Were it not for the courageous efforts of nearby women, and the guns of a few army personnel, Laura would certainly have been ripped to shreds. As it were, she will be forever changed by this singularity event. So I must ask: “Where is the outrage from men? Why is it that only other women (or uniformed men) come to the aid of such slaughter?  Was she attacked because she was beautiful or because she stepped outside her role as daughter, mother and wife?”  
I do not believe that real men rape women. I believe the people who commit these kinds of acts are scared little boys, cowards, an insult to their gender. To all of our fathers, brothers, husbands, and sons: I urge you to speak out against people who want to be called men but who are a blight to us all. If you need help because of a sexual assault or want to become involved, please go to: