FireCat! The Legend of Amazon Sage©

Sage is a quirky girl who always loved wild animals, funny people, adventure and indigenous music. She still does.

What no one knows is that every night in her dreams, Sage

transforms into a woman of power and wisdom, called

Amazon Sage.

Unlimited by the confines of newtonian physics, she is fierce and full of compassion, traveling where ever she is needed to help relieve suffering in the world.

Only problem is,

Amazon Sage© only lives while Sage is dreaming.

Once Sage awakens, Amazon Sage © disappears. These blogs are written by Sage, telling what happens in this most secret life...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fire in the belly of a nation...

Cough, cough!! Good morning, friends. Excuse my cough but last night, along with what has been described as rivers of protesters, Amazon Sage, travelled to Tahrir, Liberation Square, in Cairo, Egypt.  There I visited the home of a young girl named Yasmin. Alone and frightened, in a neighborhood filled with chaos, I heard Yasmin's silent cry for help in my dreams. When I arrived, I found her normally friendly neighbors having to act as guards in order to keep armed thugs from breaking into her home. When I asked her what they were after, she said "To tell you the truth, I just don't know...." Then she broke out in tears.

Ironically, Yasmin and her parents have prayed for many years, for people to take to the streets, because they desperately want to see a change in their government. However, on an emotional level, it is taking its toll on young ones like her and her younger siblings. What began as protests has become a real revolution, led by the protesters and even some in the army. Thankfully, on Monday night the army promised that they would not fire on protesters.

Ordinarily when I dream travel to hot spots in the world, I am able to do something to make a difference, so on this night, I asked Yasmin and her parents what they would have me do to help them and their people. Their answer was one I never expected but will pass on to you, my gentle readers. They asked that all people, of all faiths, pray to God, Allah, the Creator of all, for peace; not just in their land, but around the world. Peace, السلام和平, мира, ความสงบสุข, शांति, salaøm, Tutkium, Rój, peace...