FireCat! The Legend of Amazon Sage©

Sage is a quirky girl who always loved wild animals, funny people, adventure and indigenous music. She still does.

What no one knows is that every night in her dreams, Sage

transforms into a woman of power and wisdom, called

Amazon Sage.

Unlimited by the confines of newtonian physics, she is fierce and full of compassion, traveling where ever she is needed to help relieve suffering in the world.

Only problem is,

Amazon Sage© only lives while Sage is dreaming.

Once Sage awakens, Amazon Sage © disappears. These blogs are written by Sage, telling what happens in this most secret life...

Friday, March 11, 2011

“Wake up! Pacific Coast Residents! A Tsunami Approaches”

Early today, Japan suffered the largest earthquake in modern history; A magnitude 8.9. This size earthquake is exponentially larger than anything these people have ever experienced and the devastation is nothing less than tragic. Already, nuclear plants have been shuttered and the stock market is reeling. None of this shines light on the human suffering that is all around. 
Amazon Sage dream-travelled to Hawaii where a tsunami is hitting the shores, on its way to the west coast of the US. There, people sit on hill tops and in shelters, waiting for Mother Nature to rest again. A little girl draws what she sees. Mother Nature is furious to be heard, so she is shaking things up to get our attention. At first, she thought Hurricane Katrina might get our attention as our access to crude oil was interrupted. But instead, we focused on levees and the blame game. Then Florida’s gulf coast was drenched in oil and she wondered, have you had enough? I guess not since we’re still hanging onto our gas guzzling SUVs and monster trucks! This week, gas prices went through the roof.
Now Japan, the third largest economy in the world, with it huge oil and nuclear plants, faces unheard of disruption, particularly in the devastated north and Mother Nature asks “Can you hear me now?” Dear people, it’s time to wake up and get serious about lowering our selfish dependence on oil while there’s still time. While the little girl sitting on the top of the hill in Hawaii waits to see if she still has a home, she gives Amazon Sage a drawing. She wants to do her part to share the news of what we face if we don't change. She hopes we all know that she and all children depend on us to speak out and make the changes necessary to save our increasingly fragile planet. Wake up, my friends, the earth is quaking...