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Only problem is,

Amazon Sage© only lives while Sage is dreaming.

Once Sage awakens, Amazon Sage © disappears. These blogs are written by Sage, telling what happens in this most secret life...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

“Reflections of a Culture in the Everyday Heroism of Japanese People”

Good morning, friends. Yesterday, I received an remail from a Japanese man who had apparently gotten some bad advice about what is being said, in America, about the Japanese people.

“My dear friends and relatives all over the world... Many many thanks for your deep concerns on the whole incident. I send out lots of love from here to all of you....

However, I am very sorry; personally getting sick and tired of some of the Western press who are trying to panic people. The news media broadcasts about our people, that ‘there were those who were in panic like small children...’ is not true. I have never seen any - not a single - Japanese in panic so far.  Around me, there is no Japanese who wants to save only himself or herself by leaving the rest of us behind. My kids went to work. I am just back from work. Someone has to go and work to turn the economy here; someone has to earn bread for the rest of the society to support each other; otherwise the entire country will get stuck. To send more power to the damaged areas, we turned off the lights and the heating system. No problem. Just wear more sweaters... We don't worry about it.... Go to:  and if you think you want to do something for us, please pray for Japan.”

My response to this Japanese man’s frustration, did not need Amazon Sage, this time. This is what I wrote to him, in response:

“I am an American citizen and I am so happy to hear that Japanese people are trying to keep their lives and their country going while the disasters from the earthquake, tsunami, and radiation are being addressed. I want you to know that the news I listen to and watch must be different from what you are hearing since I have heard only the most positive things about the Japanese people; how brave, industrious, and compassionate they are.

"I too, have a very close Japanese friend over there, who could easily have come over here, to the US and stayed with our family. Instead, he stays there and sleeps in his car so that he is better able to assist his friends and neighbors. An American military man whom I know quite well, is also there, as a relief worker. Unfortunately, he does not have the proper medicine to protect himself from thyroid damage because so many people in the USA have panicked and bought up all the supplies. So he is doing what many Japanese people are doing to protect themselves; he is eating kelp." [Really Americans? We are so selfish that we buy up all the supplies, that are much more needed there, because WE are scared?]

But back to my response: "The last thing the good people of Japan need right now is to hear worrisome reports about their behaviors. I can assure you that if there are news stations or newspapers saying uncomplimentary things about the Japanese people, then the readers of those rags are most certainly too ignorant for you to give them a second thought.

As for me and every person I know or have heard from, it is clear that each Japanese person who continues to go on with his or her life in the midst of all that is happening, serves as as a shining example for all of humanity; a model for how to act in times of great suffering. Therefore, it is with great respect that I remain, your friend from across the world."

I will end this post with a suggestion to all citizens of our own great country, the USA: Please stop buying and hoarding all the anti nuclear medical supplies. You are keeping them from the people who need them the most; our military people in Japan; all the relief workers; and the Japanese people. They need them right now! We don’t. Have a blessed day, my friends.