FireCat! The Legend of Amazon Sage©

Sage is a quirky girl who always loved wild animals, funny people, adventure and indigenous music. She still does.

What no one knows is that every night in her dreams, Sage

transforms into a woman of power and wisdom, called

Amazon Sage.

Unlimited by the confines of newtonian physics, she is fierce and full of compassion, traveling where ever she is needed to help relieve suffering in the world.

Only problem is,

Amazon Sage© only lives while Sage is dreaming.

Once Sage awakens, Amazon Sage © disappears. These blogs are written by Sage, telling what happens in this most secret life...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Good morning, friends. Today I see the world differently. A new style of writing captures my imagination. Flash Fiction. Dismissing convention it seeks authenticity. Here's a sample:

I taste rum soaked strawberry shortcake and don't remember how old I was the first time I climbed a tree.I remember going to the hospital. I remember seering pain, unable to move or even breathe, determined to make it through.

I don't remember where I was when my father died, but I remember the smell of my dogs when I lifted the cover from their cold crate.

I don't even remember where I stayed the first night when I left home forever. A tornado swirled around. And I don't remember the name of the town where my best friend was buried but I see her being placed in the ground, again and again.

Last night, as Amazon Sage, I dream travelled to South America in an aeroplane. I remember flying high over the Andes, listening to engines sputtering, wondering if I would survive. Air filtration system hums, a person coughs, another cries, someone taps a pen on paper.

I hear my computer stroking keys while billions of neurons roar through my mind.